In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, everyday people rose up to become heroes.

Your help is still needed and we’re so thankful you care enough to be here. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that every single gesture matters (no matter how big or small) and that we all have a unique way that we can positively impact our community.

We’ve included a link to the City of Houston’s site below where you can find ways to donate your time or resources. We’ve also listed a few of the organizations that were featured in our film ‘Harvey’s Heroes‘ that we hope you’ll consider supporting. They are doing such important work around Houston (and the country) and now more than ever, they really need the extra help.

Cajun Relief Foundation ( Cajun Relief Foundation was formed by Louisiana citizens helping their neighbors during the disastrous flooding of 2016. They believe that citizens working together can rebuild communities faster and more effectively than top down organizations and governments. Citizen-Led Relief is the Cajun Relief Foundation’s core strength.

Gallery Furniture ( Gallery Furniture sent employees to rescue people from their homes and stranded cars during the storm, and then opened up it’s showroom doors to house displaced citizens after Hurricane Harvey. Led by Jim McIngvale, GF then held daily donation drives for weeks after the storm, helping countless Houstonians.

Houston Recovers ( The City of Houston’s online directory of volunteer opportunities, as well as the Hurricane Harvey relief fund.

Killen’s BBQ ( Killen’s BBQ helped serve free meals to over 54,000 first responders and people in the week that followed Hurricane Harvey. If that’s not a reason to support them, then do it because it’s the best BBQ. Period.

Operation BBQ Relief ( Operation BBQ Relief strives to provide compassion, and offer hope and friendship to those whose lives have been affected by disasters across the United States. They provide meals to displaced residents and emergency personnel during these times of crisis; and leverage their expertise in cooking and catering barbecue meals with their ability to quickly mobilize their teams into any area where disaster disrupts and tears apart the lives of Americans.

Recovery Houston ( Recovery Houston is a grassroots volunteer movement providing relief and assistance to homeowners affected by a natural disaster. They coordinate volunteers then connect them with homes that need cleanup such as mucking-out, content removal, and other tasks so that homeowners may begin their journey to recovery and rebuilding.

Rescued Pets Movement ( An estimated 1 million homeless dogs and cats roam the streets of Houston, TX. Rescued Pets Movement serves under the mission of providing a second chance to these animals through rescue, rehabilitation, and transportation to reputable animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada. Having saved over 27,000 lives since September 2013, RPM makes new beginnings possible for homeless pets across Houston.