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Everyone has a story to tell. Ours began before we even knew it. We were born just a few streets away from each other, we traveled to the same places for vacations as children, and we had our birthday parties at the same rollerskating rink. Yet we would never meet or know of each other’s existence until we were 16. And no, we didn’t fall in love then… we were too young or perhaps too stupid. But we made such an impression on each other that a decade later we would be determined to find one another again. And when we did, it was in those moments, when our two lives slowly started to become one and we promised everything to each other, that Sculpting With Time was born. This is when we began filming weddings.

We believe that the world is vast, large and full of love. And we believe in magic – because somehow, our cameras (just little pieces of plastic and glass) have given us the chance to hear and tell so many profoundly intimate and powerful stories from all over the world. The kind of stories that cause your heart to race and your mind to dream. The kind of stories that remind you what it means to feel alive. And this is where the magic is… because one day we look up and see that time isn’t waiting for us – life goes by before we know it. Yet somehow, within this relatively infant technology, we’re given the power to preserve the fleeting moment. To honor and to remember how we felt on those important days that changed our lives forever.

We work with love and passion and everything we’ve got, and we do it for our couples. But the secret is – we do it for ourselves too… it’s what we live and breathe for. Because we’re artists before anything else.

Sculpting With Time is an Emmy award-winning film studio. We’ve had our work on CNN and HBO, and have shown in various film festivals and Museum Biennials reaching from Hong Kong to San Francisco. With our background firmly rooted in documentary filmmaking, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture the grace and integrity of life’s most powerful and fleeting moments. 




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